Home Automation

Now you can turn any home into a "smart home". Our new security system from 2Gig Technologies has built in Z-Wave technology. This allows you to control lighting, appliances, thermostats and door locks directly from the touch screen, the internet or any web-enabled phone. Turn on the heat before you get home or to the office. Control lights while on vacation. Have you lights automatically come on when you open the door. Unlock the front door remotely for your children if they forget their keys. The possibilities are endless.

Z-Wave Features

  • Comes standard on our new Go! Control system from 2GIG Technologies
  • Save money on electricity by managing lights and thermostats
  • Easy to control from the touch screen or a web-enabled device
  • Affordable devices are easily installed by the homeowner
  • Expandable system so you can add devices at any time
  • Wireless devices mean no wires to run

No longer does your security system just protect your home or business. With our new system you have control over your home or business. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our licensed security consultants.

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