Live Video

Actual Surveillance Footage

Intrepid Security & Protection's interactive video monitoring technology allows you to see what's happening at your home or business. You can watch live or recorded video from anywhere via a cell phone, PDA or computer. Receive instant video notifications based on movement, system arming or disarming and burglar alarms. Our video service can be customized for any home or business. Our system is an affordable alternative to traditional security camera and DVR packages.

System Features

  • Watch live or recorded video from anywhere
  • Motion activated cameras record video when events occur
  • Video is stored on our remote servers to prevent tampering
  • Video alerts are sent instantly to a cell phone, PDA or computer
  • Several cameras to choose from including interior and exterior cameras

Residential Applications

  • Check on the kids, an elderly family member or even your pets
  • Record video from actual burglar alarms for evidence purposes
  • Receive a video alert letting you know your kids got home safely

Business Applications

  • Monitor employee performance
  • Deter theft, trespassing and loitering
  • Know when your employees arrive and leave
  • Receive a video alert when your alarm system activates


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