New Systems

Intrepid Security & Protection is proud to install the new Go! Control system from 2gig Technologies. It is the first all-in-one security system and home management solution in one package. In addition to protecting your home or business, you now have the ability to control your alarm system, lighting, door locks and thermostats from anywhere in the world. Receive instant text alerts in the event of an alarm. Know when your children get home from school or when an employee opens your store. Watch live or recorded video from your smart phone. The possibilities are endless.


System Features

Color Touch Screen Interface
Intuitive, user-friendly interface allows you full control of the system. All system functions are menu-driven for easy access.
Integrated GSM (Cellular) Radio
More reliable than a standard phone line which can be easily cut but a burglar.
Integrated Two-way Voice
Integrated two-way voice over cellular allows you to communicate directly with our monitoring center operators directly from the touch screen via the integrated microphone and speaker.
Built-in Z-Wave RF Protocol
Control lighting, HVAC and other Z-Wave devices right from the panel, web-enabled phone or the internet. No need for extra hardware - it's all contained within the Go! Control panel. And this is just the beginning! Numerous money and time-saving applications are currently being developed for 2gig's Go! Control system.
Remote Access
Remotely access and control the system from any computer, iPhone, Blackberry or Droid phone. Arm and disarm the alarm, check system status, turn lights on, lock doors and change air conditioner settings. View live and recorded video from anywhere.
Fully Self-Contained
The entire system is built into one attractive touch screen unit. No more wires to be cut or damaged.

Additional Features

  • Police, Fire and Medical Emergency Buttons
  • 48 Wireless Zones
  • 2 Hardwire Zones
  • Weather Information Display
  • 24-hour Backup Battery
  • 32 Usercodes
  • Quick Arm/Exit