System Packages

If you need a new security system for your home or business, we offer three different packages depending on your budget. Every system comes standard with a keypad or full color touchscreen, power supply, backup battery, 3 wireless door sensors, pet friendly motion detector and key chain remote. Free instant text message alerts come standard with each system.

Each system can also be fully customized to your individual needs by installing optional additional equipment. See our Additional Equipment page for available products.

Our Bronze package utilizes your existing phone line to send emergency signals to our local monitoring center. Our Silver and Gold packages use an IntrepidNet radio to send wireless signals over our private radio network.

If you prefer to have a system with advanced capabilities, choose our Gold package. This system can be controlled from anywhere using the internet or any smart phone. You can receive text message alerts in the event of an alarm and even remotely control your lights, door locks and thermostats. Two way voice communications allow you to talk directly with our monitoring center from the touchscreen.

Choose your package:
  Bronze Silver Gold
24 Hour Monitoring
Police, Fire & Medical Panic
Power Supply & Backup Battery
3 Door Sensors
1 Pet Immune Motion Detector
1 Keychain Remote
Yard Sign & Window Decals
Instant Text Message Alerts
IntrepidNet Radio  
Two-way Voice Communication    
Smartphone & Internet Control    
Remote Control
(Lighting, Thermostat & Door Lock)