Wireless Fire Monitoring

If your business has a commercial fire alarm system, you are probably paying for two dedicated phones lines. Even though these lines are unused 99% of the time, you still have to pay the phone company a ridiculous amount every month.

You can now eliminate both expensive phone lines by switching to IntrepidNet for wireless fire alarm monitoring. We simply install one of our proprietary radios and tie it in to your existing fire alarm system. All emergency signals are then sent to our 24 hour monitoring center over our wireless network. You can then cancel both phone lines and start saving money.

What is IntrepidNet?

IntrepidNet is the only private fire alarm radio network in Texas. Each fire alarm radio that is installed becomes part of a mesh network comprised of thousands of radios and repeater locations across Texas. Unlike other wireless or cellular based fire alarm radios, our radio network is approved by the state and all local fire marshals for sole path communication. This means that our network is so reliable that no backup form of communication is required.